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Barre (pronounced bar) is a full-body muscle sculpting practice incorporating elements of Pilates and ballet. Using your own body weight, light hand weights, and a ballet barre, this technique is designed to lengthen, strengthen, sculpt, and tone your body through small movements and isometric contractions that overload the muscle (you’re going to SHAKE!) without increasing mass (bulk). Barre is not a dance class! No dance experience required. Build a body like a dancer’s without training like one!arms on barre

*Our instructors provide audio and visual cues as well as hands-on corrections to prevent injury, and ensure each client is getting the most out of every class. You will receive A LOT of personalized attention!

Please wear form fitting attire so the instructor can accurately assess your form.

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Barre L.I.T.E – An introduction to barre. This class is required before taking any of our other barre classes. Even if you have perfected barre at another studio, we ask that you start your BODYLANGUAGE barre journey here. This class is designed to teach you the fundamental terms and movements you will need in all of our barre classes. Don’t let the name fool you, this is not an easy class! It simply moves at a slower pace and focuses on perfecting form – providing a strong foundation needed for faster-paced classes.

BARREFUSION™ – Our trademarked specialty. This fast-paced class amplifies and adds complexity to basic Barre L.I.T.E movements.

Barre F.L.E.X.X. – A tough class made tougher. Essentially BARREFUSION™ with resistance bands added to further amplify the intensity. This class is considered the most challenging.

Barre M.I.X.X.E.D. – The “sampler platter.” This class incorporates styles from each of our barre classes, starting with Barre L.I.T.E, then moving into BARREFUSION™, Barre F.L.E.X.X., and ending with Pilates-based core work.

*If your schedule does not permit you to take a Barre L.I.T.E class as your first barre class, you may substitute Barre M.I.X.X.E.D., as it also integrates the foundational elements of Barre L.I.T.E.

You may also take any of the classes listed below as your first class!

Barre Burn & Stretch – Focuses on the more stubborn areas such as triceps, waistline, upper thighs, hips, and abdominals using targeted, intensive barre moves. Ends with a series of stretches to lengthen the muscles and re-energize the body.

Pilates Mat Flow – This classical Pilates mat class incorporates elements of yoga flow and focuses on core strengthening, flexibility and breath. Mixed level.

Total T.R.X. – A fast-paced, full body workout with a heart-pumping cardio element. Employing the instability of the suspension straps to target multiple muscle groups at once, T.R.X will force the body to engage the powerhouse…the CORE!

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Triple Sweat – Anything goes in Triple Sweat! No holds barred. Begin with HIIT spin; continue with dynamic, powerful movements establishing a foundation of balance, coordination and agility; finish with functional strength movements on the TRX suspension straps, working on stabilization & conditioning both fast and slow twitch muscle fibers.

SPINNING– Intense cardiovascular sessions designed to push your endurance, boost your metabolism, and improve your overall fitness.

Spin + NRG + Ride – It’s a rave dance party…on a bike! Incorporating upper body movements, this fun, rhythmic, endurance testing class will have you sweating, doing push-ups, and even dancing on the bike!

*Our SPIN classes are held in a black-lit room! Glow-in-the-dark clothing encouraged!

Where do you go when you arrive? Our studio has two rooms. Barre and Pilates classes are held in the east room, and Spinning, TRX, and Triple Sweat classes are held in the west room.

We also offer specialty workshops, classes and group fitness challenges. Click here and select the “workshops” tab at the top of the page for dates, times, and more information.

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Front Desk Hours: Tuesday – Friday: 11:00 AM – 3:00 PM

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