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BARREFUSION™ was devised by Valerie Compton to give your mind and body an experience you will never forget. These non-impact FUSION Classes will work your body in ways it has never been worked before. We use a traditional ballet barre to sculpt and over load your muscles with your own body weight (light 2 pound weights are available for arm work) and once the quiver occurs, we immediately stretch the muscles to assure a dancers strength and look. All experienced instructors assure you have correct form and continually roam the class, assisting your form and verbally cueing you into the moves. This fat-burning session is guaranteed to: THIN THIGHS, CARVE CALVES, LIFT your SEAT, SCULPT ARMS, AND TIGHTEN ABS. Balance work is always added, along with soothing stretches to assure a complete workout.

Perfect for all levels of fitness, this diverse and intense workout will give you the posture and body of a dancer without the inconvenience of wearing a tutu.  Note: BARRE L.I.G.H.T. is now REQUIRED before taking a BARREFUSION class!

BARRE L.I.T.E.  This BARRE class will move at a slightly S L O W E R pace than our popular BARREFUSION with an emphasis on correct form and a DEEP muscle BURN! We will systematically move through the body working arms, calves, thighs, seat, and finish with classical Pilates Mat core work. If you are new to BARRE this is a great place to begin…..if you are experienced at BARRE this is a great class to slow down the pace and work deeper into your muscles. This class is REQUIRED before taking a BARREFUSION class!

BARRE F.L.E.X.X.  Using therapeutic Thera bands, this hour will be a toning/stretching experience with a similar overload of the muscles, actually penetrating the muscle intensely for a deeper effect. Due to the challenge of the format the instructor will spend extra time on stretches and elongation of targeted muscle groups. The warmer room environment will aid and increase flexibility, remove toxins, and support sound sleep. Research indicates working in a warmer room temperature for strength work will release endorphins, detoxify the system, aid recovery of compromised cells & tissues, and induce a natural relax response.  NOTE:  You must take at least 2 BARRE L.I.T.E. classes before signing up for BARRE F.L.E.X.X.

EXERTION BARRE A high energy, heart pumping cardio session of non-impact exercises that combine BARREWork and resistance moves.This is a fast-paced session that is the best way to get cardio, strength and flexibility all in one HOUR! This fat- burning hour will be fun, challenging and effective in burning calories and tightening all the hard to get areas. All body -parts are worked and the core will sizzle!!!!! BRING A TOWEL!!

BARRE S.T.R.E.T.C.H.  is an intense session of stretching and lengthening for all of your tired muscles. This class is the perfect weekly compliment to Barre Fusion and will help with flexibility as well as prevent injury. Barre Stretch is great for anyone, but especially those who need flexibility training. Enjoy 40 minutes of intense stretching, 15 minutes of core work, and 5 minutes of pure relaxation. The combination of all of these elements will make this class a necessary part of your week.

PILATES BARRE B.U.R.N.  Pilates BODYLANGUAGE Albuquerque style! Pilates classes started it all in our Albuquerque studio.  We’ve taken our popular Classical Pilates class mat introduced at our original Albuquerque location and added a warm edge of new and challenging moves to strengthen your core and challenge your balance and mind.  Using the barre and light weights we will have a greater emphasis on toning the extremities that the traditional Pilates mat class. If you are looking for a Pilates class like no other this is it… Pilates mat will never be the same!

WARM room,  HIP music, HIGH energy !! SWEAT FUSION is a challenging, full body, low impact, high intensity workout using Pilates principles.   A contemporary approach to aligning and sculpting the body through a unique sequencing of flowing movements.  60 min class that creates an addictive synergy of mind, body, and spirit.  SWEAT FUSION creates energy that is contagious and results that are exceptional.

T.R.X.   Suspension Trainer Class Delivers a fast, effective total-body workout.  Build a rock-solid core and increases muscular endurance in this challenging low impact class. By utilizing your own body weight, the TRX Suspension System provides greater performance and functionality than traditional exercise machine.  USED BY TRAINERS, ATHLETES AND THE U.S.MILITARY


The SPINNING program is one of the most effective cardiovascular training systems in the fitness industry. SPINNING is exciting, fun & effective. We offer 1 hour SPINNING classes at convenient times daily.  In the typical SPINNING class you can expect to burn anywhere from 400 to 650 calories, train your cardiovascular system, build leg strength, ramp up your metabolism, and have fun at the same time.  Our instructors spend considerable time off the bike to focus on and encourage  each client to ensure you get the best spin class in Albuquerque. If you are new to the studio…..If you live in Albuquerque your first class is FREE! Call 319-2655 after you create an account on our Schedule page to get your free class.  Sign up for a class and see why our spin classes are some of the most effective in Albuquerque!

FUSION  We offer 30 minute SPINNING classes before our popular BARREFUSION classes.Combining a 30 min SPINNING class with a BARREFUSION will speed your metabolism, tone your muscles, and increase felixibility. You will train in your fat burning zone 90 minutes with this effective fat burning combo.   Combining BARREFUSION and SPINNINGis an effective synergistic system to build a long, lean, and flexible body while improving cardiovascular fitness and reducing body fat for a total body conditioning program.

Visit our Schedule page to reserve a class!!


7321 San Antonio NE
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